Kirsten Turner & Co. (Management Consultants) was established in 1987 with a focus to provide top-market business advisory services primarily to African enterprises.  With a well-developed data bank of knowledge and expertise on the socio-economics of the continent, the firm provides professional services to clients both in the public and private sectors of the economy in the establishment, expansion and rehabilitation of industrial and commercial ventures.
It also assists its clients in securing financial assistance from available Development Finance Institutions and funding agencies both locally and internationally.  Since establishment, it has provided very satisfactory professional services to many firms from their take – off to maturity stages.

Its manpower development and training programmes have helped to accelerate the development and acquisition of appropriate skills by its course participants.  The company has gone to great lengths in recruiting and retaining only top – grade professionals. 

It retains in its service a fine mix of Economists, Accountants, Engineers, Corporate Lawyers, Finance, Marketing and General Management specialists who are very experienced and capable of meeting any challenges in consultancy practice.  They are experienced in Development Finance, Commercial and Merchant Banking and are familiar with the requirements and policies of several bilateral and multi-lateral agencies. 


Why Choose Us?

Expertise and a fresh perspective to drive your business forward

If you could be assured of gaining the hands-on expertise to achieve your goals, would you act on it?  Our business advisory services enable you to act on your needs with proven, seasoned expertise and methods to drive your business forward.

Economical advisory services to grow your business to the next level

Our years of one-to-one meetings with business owners have solidified one fact – all CEOs and business owners need help on some level. Our Advisory Service is extremely economical yet comprehensive to optimally serve your specific needs with tremendous value. 

Trusted, hands-on advisor to accomplish new heights

Trust is critical in any relationship.  Integrity, years of experience coupled with the desire to work hard for you is a must.  Trust you can count on us to help you reach your goals and achieve more in less time.  Make the commitment now and receive the help you need.

Improved decision making and accountability

Critical decisions are the fabric of every business: Change, improve, innovate, focus on priorities, grow, hire, fire. We are there to work through these decisions together – both quantitatively and qualitatively - to ensure accountability, improved decision-making and to provide you with needed experience and expertise.

The difference in realizing your vision and your life’s dream

We are so confident that both your business and your life will dramatically change for the better, we provide a satisfaction guarantee. 

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