As is to be expected, only a representative listing of accomplished assignments are given hereunder:

Dalesman& Mainstream Petrochemicals Limited.

Expansion Programme for an Oil Blending and Chemicals Plant.

AkwaIbom Transport Company Limited [Consortium Assignment]

Fleet Expansion & Modernization Programme.

West Coast Fisheries Limited.

Expansion Programme Via The Acquisition of Additional Trawlers.

Huntec Consortium Limited.

Expansion Programme for A Mineral [Spring] Water Bottling Plant.

Jo – De Thermoplastics Company Limited.

Expansion Programme for A Plastics Extrusion Plant.

Paulosa Nigeria Limited.

Rehabilitation and Facilities' Improvement of A Crumb – Rubber Plant.

African Hotel

Expansion & Facilities' Improvement Programme.



Our Approach

Our approach is essentially pragmatic.  We place great emphasis in working closely with our clients.  Implementation of our recommendations is carried out by the client’s management with the assistance of our consultants

Our staff are under a professional obligation not to disclose to a third party any information confidential to the client.  When our services are used, the normal sequence of events is as follows:

The Survey

This is the preliminary discussion aimed at identifying the nature and extent of the problems and determining the necessary work programme for the consultancy assignment.

The Assignment

The client signifies his agreement to our proposal in a formal letter commissioning the assignment.  We then assign a consultant or team of consultants on the assignment.  The work is co-ordinated and directed by a senior consultant.

As the job proceeds, provision is made for regular reports and meetings with the client through which progress can be watched and controlled until the assignment is completed and the final report presented.

Our services do not end with the formal presentation of the Report.  Follow-up visits are made to ensure that client staff are successfully operating new systems or procedures or that implementation follows the recommendations made.

Our Fees:

Our fees are very competitive and are based on the nature of the assignment, manpower required and length of time involved.  A commitment fee is charged at commencement of a consultancy assignment and the balance at intervals as work progresses.


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